2018 Collingwood NSW AGM

Sunday 11 November 2018

Steve Anderson; Michael Costigan; PaulDeuis; Sarah Deuis; Jonno Nichol; Ambrose Sharp; Michel Thompson; Peter Tuziak;

Trevor Jorgenson; Rachel Nichol; Igor Stojkov

2017 Minutes
Not presented

President’s Report
Steve started off with the obvious statement of what an amazing surprise it was for Collingwood to make the Grand Final and play so well. The function at the Cammy was huge with supporters calling in from far and wide. The year was hard going for Steve but was hugely aided by Peter Tuziak in preparing emails for members. With no GWS function, the Swans function was another great success.  Peter T asked if all the raffle prize stock we had was used and the answer was yes. If so, we need to build up another supply of material.  Peter T said think carefully about what items to buy, to think about what you would buy raffle tickets for.  In closing Steve thanked Igor, Peter and Trevor for their work, PJ Gallaghers for hosting the functions and lastly, the Camelia Grove, and in particular, Jamie and Tracey for welcoming us at the pub each week.

Treasurer’s Report
Hayden said that despite great on field success, the same could not be said for the Collingwood NSW books. There was a drop of some $300 from membership; at least $500 lost with no Season Launch tickets auctioned; and approx.. $500 down in raffle receipts, despite the grand final function at the Cammy. As the closing balance for the year is now below $2000, Hayden suggested reverting to sponsoring just the one player.

2019 Committee elections
President: Steve Anderson
Secretary: Igor Stojkov
Treasurer: Hayden Hills
Webmaster: Ambrose Sharp
Membership: Michael Thomson
Functions: Trevor Jorgensen

General business
If we are to continue buying tickets to the Swans v Pies games, we need to email members at least a month out from release date. Raise their level of interest and involvement. Get in early and get a good block. No need to buy blocks for GWS game as crowds are still relatively small. Just gather behind the goals.

After several years of promises but no delivery of specific interstate membership merchandise it was agreed to include it in 2019 membership material.

Steve wanted to reduce the number of raffle tickets as they clearly weren’t selling them all.  Pete suggested the committee members work harder as it was only 500.

Ambrose suggested utilising Survey Monkey to get feedback from members on how we can better serve them.

Weekly emails need some analysis and footy tipping updates.

Be smarter when getting items for raffles.

Re the player sponsorship, do we go for the interstate (Sydney) or the general (Melbourne)?  What has the most benefit or interest to bid on items from our members?

The newsletter should be ready to send out mid-February.  All articles to Avon by mid-January.

Ambrose suggested a birthday page on the website, mentioning all members who have a birthday coming up in the next month.

Meeting closed


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