Collingwood NSW was founded in 2002 as the ‘Sydney Collingwood Supporters Club’ (SCSC), and quickly built a strong membership base within the Sydney Metropolitan Area, gathering to watch games which were often not live and/or on free-to-air television at Wests Aussie Rules Club and Drummoyne Sports Club.

The venues changed for various reasons over the years, with the club eventually settling down at the Camelia Grove Hotel in Alexandria, which is now home to several Sydney and NSW based AFL supporter groups. While the venue changed, the aim of the group remained the same: to enable Sydney based Collingwood supporters to enjoy the comradery of the Magpie Army and feel closer to the action, even though they’re living a long way from the Collingwood heartland in inner Melbourne.

As membership grew, so did the area in which members came from. Despite the fact they lived in rural NSW several hours drive from Sydney, many people joined up anyway to show their support, even though they rarely made the trek to the NSW capital. At the 2015 SCSC AGM, it was decided that with Collingwood traveling to Sydney twice during the 2016 season and playing a pre-season game in Wagga Wagga, as well as the ever rising membership numbers from regional NSW, the name should change to include the whole of the state, rather than just the capital.

Welcome to Collingwood NSW. Standing side by side with the Magpie Army in the Premier State.